Find your favorites by grape.

Grape Sea Star Wine Vineyard
W= White, R = Red, B* = Blush, D = Dessert
Gewurztraminer Stella Maris (W) Sea Star
Pinot Noir Blanc de Noir (B*), Poetry (D), Stella Maris (W) Sea Star and Clam Bay Farm, Pender Island
Pinot Gris Stella Maris (W) Sea Star
Ortega Ortega (W), Stella Maris (W) Sea Star and Clam Bay Farm
Schoenberger Stella Maris (W) Sea Star
Marechal Foch Poetry (D) Sea Star
Merlot Encore (R) Okanagan
Cabernet Sauvignon Encore (R) Okanagan
Cabernet Franc Encore (R) Okanagan
Riesling Prose (D) Sea Star
Siegerrebe Siegerrebe (W) Sea Star and Clam Bay Farm
Salish Sea NEW! Siegerrebe (W), Ortega (W) Sea Star and Clam Bay Farm
*Blanc de Noir means “white wine from red grapes.” Blanc de noirs are produced by quickly removing the skins from the juice after the grapes have been pressed. This technique prevents the pigment in the grape’s dark skin from transferring too much colour to the wine. These wines may vary in hue from pale pink to apricot to salmon.

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