We are THRILLED to announce that our Winemaker Ian Baker won our first National award with the highest honour “Best in Show” at the Gold Medal Plates – Canadian Culinary Championships:

“…. the winner is Sea Star 2015 Blanc de Noir Rose. The judges were totally impressed with the purity, balance and liveliness of this tender pink wine, made from organically grown pinot noir from tiny Pender Island. The price is about $20, but forget about acquiring a bottle. It sold out long ago”.

While it is true that the winery is sold out, guests to these excellent restaurants can find a bottle on their wine lists;

Ian Baker, Wine Maker

Ian Baker, Wine Maker with his award-winning Blanc de Noir Rose

We’d like to thank the extraordinary Judge Panel which included National Wine Advisor David Lawrason, Harry McWatters ( celebrating his 50th vintage ! ), Rhys Pender ( Master of Wine, and great last name ) and Sid Cross !

For full coverage please read David Lawrason’s “Wine Report” at the Golden Plates website.

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